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Chaco Argentina

You wouldn’t expect two farm boys from Argentina to become a success story in Southern California but that’s exactly how the story goes for Jorge and Marcelo Doffo. Born to a family of farmers with roots in Northern Italy, Jorge and Marcelo grew up on their father’s farm in Central Argentina. Their paternal uncle, a bachelor, who lived with them on the farm, had a beautiful 1931 Chevrolet, 6 cylinders, 4 door, soft top convertible. Dark green with wooden spoke wheels, An American dream. To this day the car holds memories of days spent driving through their small farm town the entire family being chauffeured by their uncle. The car not only held pride for their Uncle Gilda, it also proved to be a training ground. Uncle Gilda tenderly maintained the Chevy while Jorge or Marcelo handed him the tools that would eventually become the tools of their trade. When it came time to pursue their education the Doffo brothers were determined to pursue the passion forged in the under-belly of their uncle’s Chevy; they left the farm and dedicated themselves to automobiles.

Jorge and Marcelo came to the United States to pursue an economic dream. They set up shop In Santa Ana, California in 1980. Like their ancestors from Italy, the Doffo’s once again, were Immigrants determined to become successful and contribute to their new found home. Laboring together the Doffo brothers built their Auto Collision business into one of the premier shops In the United States.

When you leave the country of your birth you over-pack your heart with memories. Jorge and Marcelo returned to Argentina after many years. While on a visit to a friend’s farm in Chaco, a Northern Province in Argentina they were alarmed at the condition of a school they found In nearby woods. The school reminded the brothers of the small school house they had attended their youth. Determined to pay-It-forward the brothers became benefactors of the school.